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How Important is Language Development

July 6th, 2016

Is ADHD a Learning Disability?

Some people refer to it as a mere personality problem, some associate it with behavioral issues, and others consider it a learning challenge. Any parent who has dealt with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cannot be easily boxed into one classification. While it is true that ADHD manifests in someone’s personality, behavior, and learning capacity, the condition is not categorized as a learning disability. It can be more appropriately referred to as a behavior problem. However, studies have revealed that more than 20 percent of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD will also have a learning disability.

Learning with ADHD

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, ADHD children will still qualify for a special education services. However, compared to other severe learning disabilities, the impact of ADHD on the learner can be easily curbed, especially if it is diagnosed earlier. It also highly likely for a child to be diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD. First manifestations of ADHD can be spotted as early as the preschool years of the child. The initial and most common manifestation is the inability of the student to sustain attention during a class or any activity of some sort. Once this is diagnosed and dealt with properly, significant improvement can be seen before the child reaches intermediate level of schooling. This means that children with ADHD can still attend regular schools and perform normally. Apart from behavioral therapies, experts may also include medications to help address the problem and assist the child to function as normally as possible, especially in the classroom setting. Some ADHD students, without any diagnosed learning disability can even top their classes, as recorded by several academic institutions.

Schools for ADHD Learners

It is highly recommended for children with ADHD and learning disability to look for specialized schools who are able to properly deal with the condition. Not only will this accelerate the child’s academic knowledge, but this will also contribute in developing their own self-confidence and awareness. While it fully makes sense for some parents to insist on putting their children in a public school, the environment will only make it more confusing for the child, especially if he or she is in the early stages of managing ADHD. There will come a time when they will be ready for that, but going for a specialized school that fully understands the needs of ADHD students will make that time come sooner. Here, there is no comparison in terms of performance and behavior. Specialized schools constantly incorporate fun and adventure in the learning process, in order to ease the pressure among the students. You can find several specialized schools around Vancouver that cater to children with special needs.

May 18th, 2016

How Important is Language Development

rec_20150116110542_114642340As a parent, you carry a huge responsibility in ensuring that your child has good language abilities. You need to put a lot of efforts and have patience in making sure that your child develops the right kind of skills required to have a comfortable life and career. Without proper language skills, your child will suffer a lot and cannot do well in studies. This will create a negative impact on the career, and your kid will grow up with less confidence. You do not want such a situation to happen to your child, and hence, you should focus on language development in the early stages itself so that they get to explore many things in life.

To begin with, you must understand how children develop language skills. Initially, their only way of communication is through crying. That is the only way in which they can call for your attention, and you will guess what they require and provide it to them. In the later stages, they will learn few words by observing your everyday speech and try to use them. This will progress further to use of sentences, and they keep on learning new things and try to use them in their speech. Everything has the right age, and you should not worry if your child is a little slow or fast in learning these image-20160307-17744-yzmzm9things. Each child is different, and every child learns things at its own pace. However, if they are too slow in terms of language development, you should take immediate measures and try to put them on the perfect track. Otherwise, it will lead to miscommunication when they join the school, and they will suffer from low self-esteem.

This way, kids will develop their own favorites and stick to them in future. You will be surprised to know that music has a rare ability to develop various things in the human brain. It will help them to learn new things in life. Other than that, you should also encourage your children to read stories. They will develop their imagination skills and will love books when they grow up. You should also encourage them to play games with words and in this way, they will develop the language skills in a playful way.istock_000071172263_medium-20160114103101.jpg-q75,dx720y432u1r1gg,c--

 If by any chance, you notice that your child is not up to the mark in terms of language skills, do not hesitate to consult a medical professional who is trained to handle such issues. They will examine your child and let you know if there is anything to worry. They will also guide you on special techniques to use so that your children get on the right track in terms of language development. You must realize the importance of having good language skills. It is very crucial in today’s world, and if you are not able to communicate your ideas in a powerful way, you are likely to lose out on many opportunities in life. Remember that everyone is very busy with their own lives and no one has the time and patience to understand a badly written piece

of information. If your language skills are not up to the mark, no one will be interested in reading your ideas and opinion. In this way, it becomes crucial for every parent to ensure that their kids develop the right skills in life.